Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Me Again...

In the Beginning.......Upon becoming a Christian so many things made sense and then some things made no sense at all..Looking back at my past caused so many emotions; happiness, sadness, confusion, and shame.

Reflecting on my life, I spent most of my spare time in silence...The tears that I shed, I believe were tears of release and instrumental in the process of my healing. The laughter I indulged in was also therapy to my soul...Driving to work one day, I thought what could be more therapeutic than writing every thought, dream, fear, idea, quote, song lyric that touches my soul.

These entries will be from the very depth of my soul and will reveal the secret places I went to in my lowest and highest places in The Lord. My prayer is that my experiences and thoughts will take you on a spiritual journey with Jesus, one of healing, release and freedom!!! Remember..... embrace every experience, learn from it, and move towards the next adventure...Happiness is a priceless emotion as sadness is a teaching emotion. Indulge in your quiet time.....Listen to the voice of the Lord.