Tuesday, October 8, 2013


May 31, 2013
My heart breaks with disappointment... hopes of a life filled with
love that explodes from moment to moment...my soul calls after You,
yet You answer me not...was the wind I felt that day on my face
..You telling me it was time for me to say goodbye? Twisted are my
emotions...my heart aches with sorrow...broken promises, so much
deception, lies that will hurt me for a lifetime...If deep really does
cry out to deep, why are my tears falling into an abyss of
nothingness? My spirit screams Your name into a star lit sky, my
soul is tormented with loneliness...This sorrow surrounds me in times
when I should be laughing, it suffocates me in moments I should be
breathing...How could You be a lie, live a lie, justify a lie, believe a lie, 
convince others of a lie ??? Deceived I was by Your anointing of enticement, 
captivated by Your depth of understanding... 
A serpent that twists and turns and hisses at any possible sight
of my freedom... How dare You question who He says I am...How dare
You rob me of my promise...Desolation is Your address, insidious is
Your name.. My laughter would echo in unknown places of unfamiliar
territory...I was locked in a glass box with only holes for oxygen...You
played my face, You drank of my soul and growled at my
destiny...Weeping endless nights, seeking an escape, looking for a
way out...I sought after the one I know who knows me better than
anyone else, I ran into the arms of compassion and mercy, I
pursued truth and he set me free.. I desired strength and he built
me up...no more lies, no more deception...now I call the shots.....I no
longer reek like sulfur, I no longer feel Your grasp around my
throat...or Your grip around my wrist...I called and he answered, it’s
because I took of his body that was broken for me...It’s because I
drank the blood in remembrance of He, that I stand before You
finally free...