Thursday, January 14, 2010

Close Your Eyes and Worship

The subject of worship or a profound Worship experience? When I saw this was the blog subject for the week, I got EXCITED!! My mind immediately went to the first Sunday my husband and I stepped into a church.

We walked into an elementary school with what seemed liked 100's of exuberant smiling faces. I was so overtaken by the feeling of the atmosphere, that it took me a minute or two to realize there was a band playing music, people had hands raised eyes closed...Some people had their eyes open, some swayed from side to side, some even jumped. There was one woman in particular I remember vividly...she had her hands raised with a smile but tears were streaming down her face.

That entire service she had my attention, I watched as she smiled and wept, blotted her tears and cried some more.

I remember asking my husband Pablo-What is going on in here?

My mind was racing....OK??....When you walk in..everyone talks to you, then hugs you. Some people are laughing when others are crying. It's a miracle we even went back....Every Sunday that we went back it was the same experience. We got use to it (sort of) I even began singing the songs, some even from memory.

The songs became familiar, they were no longer strange....They were beautiful...the more I sang them the more beautiful they became. I began to anticipate the "song" part of church. I loved the message, I was learning and being challenged all at the same time. My salvation from day one has been a challenge and a constant learning experience. (That's a different blog)

After watching others worship and participating in worship myself. I became intrigued by those who raised their hands.

So what did I do ? What I always do!...JUMP in with both feet...In this case "both hands"...The song playing was "This is the Air I Breath."

I did it! I closed my eyes and with all my strength fought against the feelings of insecurity and thrust my arms into heaven.

The emotion I felt surged through my hands, through my entire body. I began to sing louder as tears began streaming down my face. That day in church...I understood "Worship."....That day I surrendered my will for His.

Jesus touched me that day. He spoke to me, I heard His voice. In that crowded church with eyes closed. It was just me and my Father. He told me that He loved me, and what I had done in my past didn't matter to Him. He called me daughter. That day...I became daddy's little girl....From that Sunday til the present time there is not a church service that I don't stand in surrender, there is not a song that is sung that I don't raise my arms in honor and praise to my King....Worship changed my life!! It gave me a way to come into intimate union with Jesus my Savior. It is my secret place where I can express to Him my inner most thoughts and desires. It's where I feel a sense of unconditional love into the very depths on my soul....

For 10 years now...I have had the honor of being a part and leading christian dance teams. I have seen miracles take place in many men, women and childrens lives I have watched deliverance and freedom explode from the presence of intimate worship.

So I guess it would be safe to say...Every worship experience has been profound. Every experience is unique. There is always something new He's speaking to us or maybe it's just the gentle touch of His hand as he wipes away your tears...My Jesus, My Savior, My Redeemer and King!!